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Kyabakura and Japanese progress

August 12, 2009

japan+graffiti+7.pngIn Asia’s most advanced economy, women servicing men is a veritable art form. ‘Hostessing is not just about flirting and partying with clients. Particularly in the cheaper establishments, a certain amount of groping and pinching may be involved. […] At a time of economic downturn, it is worrisome that the media in Japan and abroad portray hostessing as a glamorous job and a woman’s road to success. Instead of focusing on the hostesses, it would make more sense to examine the attitudes of the men who are willing to pay a high price for being entertained, served, and pleased by women with short skirts and heavy makeup.’ (Art from Graffiti Japan.)

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  1. August 16, 2009 18:42

    Well, suffice it to say that the “media in Japan” and elsewhere are doubtless monopolized by men, and through corporate structures that insulate them even further from community preferences.

    The “attitudes of the men who are willing to pay a high price for being entertained, served, and pleased by women” are probably too diffuse to confront except at an individual level.

    But there’s no reason why such attitudes should be imposed on communities through ownership structures that are monopolistic. No one should be allowed that kind of tool to impose their preferences on everybody else.

    Men who hold such attitudes should be compelled to face their communities as individual members, not institutional agents, and see how well such preferences are received!

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