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How occupiers behave | Israeli version

August 12, 2009

Occupiers in Israel don’t get demoted for illegal home invasions, but for stealing the occupied’s credit cards and pin numbers. ‘The military tribunal for the Israel Defense Force’s Southern Command Tuesday sentenced a Givati Brigade soldier to seven and a half months in prison following his conviction for stealing a credit card from a Gaza resident’s home during the IDF’s Operation Cast Lead in January. The soldier was also accused of withdrawing about NIS 1,600 from automated teller machines in Israel using a pin number he found in the Palestinian’s home.’

Occupiers don’t get demoted for illegal strikes but for lying about their relatives’ traffic accidents. ‘The Israeli general in command of the Lebanon front against Hezbollah has resigned after he lied about a minor traffic accident, the army said Tuesday. The story prompted a flood of media comment on those who lead Israel’s youth in the conscript army — not least because it was the second scandal this summer involving a commander covering up for a relative’s driving. The general who had been in charge of Israel’s other most active front, with Hamas in the Gaza Strip, was court-martialled and demoted in June after lying about his under-age teenage son driving an army dune buggy which collided with a civilian car.’

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