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That buzzing sound

August 3, 2012

Image by the Montgomeryshire Beekeepers Association.

My long-form piece on drones called ‘Paranoid Androids’ is featured on The New Inquiry today. (As mentioned before, it was released in their 130-page ‘Game of Drones’ issue in July, which has since been released for free). Apart from their meteoric rise to become the air weapon of choice, drones have also seeped their way into the cultural texture. Thus the web view of ‘Paranoid Androids’ presents a twenty-track drone playlist. It’s a compilation I put together with my friend A. Seth Young and it joins Ice Cube’s ‘Ghetto Birds’ to Minuteman’s ‘Paranoid Chant’ to El-P’s ‘Drones Over BKLN.’ The list is actually whittled down: I started making a list of all the music that referenced drones, thinking it wouldn’t reach ten tracks, and ended up with over thirty. Lastly, this endeavor is a first of sorts: I’d never contended with queer theory in a sustained way until now, so the piece owes as much to that field as it does to ancient Greece’s fascination with cybernetic possibilities.

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  1. August 8, 2012 14:11

    not to mention
    “that scratching sound /
    is it better to be lost or found?”


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