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Transgressing virtual geographies

July 27, 2011

‘I hear echoes of Juarez/El Paso or the border in general—the neoliberal privatization of education, the dismantling of unions, the establishing of a hard border between those who will be able to afford higher education and those who cannot. Anywhere that the neoliberal parasite lands on the planet, the commonwealth of a community disappears into the hands of the very few.’

My interview with pioneering artist, hacktivist, and UCSD professor Ricardo Dominguez—co-founder of the Electronic Disturbance Theater and inventor of the Transborder Immigrant Tool and Virtual Sit-In technologies—is up at darkmatter. Dominguez came under national scrutiny over the migrant phone and the virtual sit-in of the UC President’s office. He was investigated by both institutional and federal agencies and exonerated of all charges. Ironically, the very innovative methods that got him tenure were used against him in the investigations. We first met at Bard College. He speaks so softly you’d scarcely think he’s a legendary voice in art practice and virtual activism.

(Art by Stinkfish, Oaxaca de Juárez.)

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