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Sense and dissensibility

July 12, 2011

I interrupt the crickets that have gathered—since a mirror I was holding shattered and lacerated my dominant hand, leading to surgery, monstrous braces, and onlookers’ comments about Lacan—to say that in a few days I am headed to Chicago, where I will be participating at the Jacques Rancière Summer Institute at Northwestern. Rancière has been an interest since at least the first time I read The Ignorant Schoolmaster, and more so because of his extension of ‘sense’ in an aesthetic and political indivisibility. The workshop readings (you can find all of them here) have been a crisp smack in the middle of an oppressive summer heat wave. Rancière’s Dissensus has been the most refreshing read so far, especially his anti-transcendental discussion (and challenge of) Derrida’s notion of a ‘democracy to come.’ I will try to blog every day from the institute. And if you simply cannot get enough Rancière, the latest issue of Transformations was dedicated to Rancierean politics, art, and sense.

Art: ‘Cops Call in Sick Too’ by D*Face, 2008, London.

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