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Love’s labor gained

February 19, 2010

We cry our cry of poetry. Our boats are open, and we sail them for everyone.Glissant

More and more I’m pressed to rethink the labor economy of an ordinary day, and recently reflected on the ‘flexi-time’ of the virtual life. And it is a truism that academic and creative writing are notoriously slow: I’ve been involved with a book project that has taken four years to reach the market, and have co-lamented with colleagues when article manuscripts take countless months or even years to reach editorial approval. Publishing. Is. Slow.

So it was a rare pleasure to be included in Amerarcana: The Bird & Beckett Review. Edited by Nick Whittington, it crystallized from an idea-seed into a fully bloomed little garden in a well-paced, refreshing span of time, with the mission to ‘map anew the geography of this rock, re-orient our selves with investigations of the global-local exchange, palimpsests of the spacial & temporal & the rhizomatous identities we all share in common. The aim is Ur’s reposit, as it were, through what Edouard Glissant has called the “poetics of relation.”’ That’s a labor of love economy I can get behind.

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