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Grim Reaper and scythe visit North American college

October 22, 2009

Semper FiDeath knocked on Georgia College and State University’s door recently, and a conversation with a Marine recruiter ensued. Here’s an excerpt:

GRIM REAPER: Good morning.
MARINE RECRUITER: I wish my buddies were here.
GR: I do not question your heroism. You have made a great sacrifice for our nation, you have given yourself for a purpose greater than yourself. You are an American hero.
MR: Mm hm.
GR: The architects of this illegal and immoral war in Iraq are responsible for the rapes, mutilations, dehumanization and deaths of tens of thousands of men, women and children… Iraqis, coalition forces, and American servicemen and servicewomen. The Administration in Washington has summoned me. That is why I am here today. That is who I am here for.
GR: Thank you. [hand shake]

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  1. October 29, 2009 19:24

    How sad to see images from that event resurface, and being shared on blogs and Twitter and Facebook pages. How sad these photographs still make sense, resonate and represent life. Death should never represent life.

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