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Dubailand on the never-never

August 25, 2009


Dubailand, GoD’s projected dreamland theme park twice the size of Disney World, is being described as a ‘wind-swept desert,’ ‘a hard sell,’ and ‘not feasible currently.’ The company website (the project is funded by the state-owned Tatweer, unlike a private corporation like the Walt Disney Company) shows a disingenuous interactive map of project statuses. It’s disingenuous because projects like Beauty Land, Great Dubai Wheel and Dubai Lifestyle City* will likely never see the light of day.

That’s fair to assume, I think, when your own consulting firm describes your ambitions this way…

‘What Dubai thought they’d done was create this everlasting growth market. The world was booming. Whatever crazy idea you came up with, people said “yeah I’ll buy it.” The fundamental issue is Dubai had far too grandiose ideas for far too short a time. It was a bit like a toddler trying to do a 100-meter sprint rather than trying to just walk around the furniture a bit.’

(Photo from Wikipedia Commons.)

*actual names.

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