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A comment about comments

August 20, 2009

I truly welcome commentary on this site and have so far opted to leave the comments section open. Disagreement and differences of opinion are an important part of discourse, especially discourse that is based on critical thought and a desire to provide accurate (even if unpopular) information. I don’t display a blog policy banner at the top of this page, figuring there is an unwritten code of ethics about common discourse, i.e. no hostile or belligerent attacks, no ad hominem vile pointed at writers or their sources, an ability to disagree with actual (or counterfactual) evidence or ideas instead of spewing hateful speech. The comments by the single commenter who uses different display names, but alas, the same IP address, to make ad hominem cracks have been removed, though I don’t want to inflate this. So many others have commented (whether in agreement or disagreement) in civil, constructive ways.

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  1. permalink
    August 24, 2009 19:17

    What was hateful about this comment? In fact I think it was constructive. I saw your first post in which you acknowledged that these revolutionaries who spread false news about their uprising or search for sexy videos or sexy clips are suffering. I am also aganist US-Israel imperialism, wars and at the same Iranian regime’s atrocities toward its own people. That’s a no brainer, ma’am. You know that my problem is not your attitude toward world entities. You erased my comment otherwise people could judge by themselves. Now I write it again and need to know what is hateful about this comment:

    I don’t know about the comments you have received. I am personally very offended by your posts about Iran but never left a comment.I really can NOT have a constructive discussion with Mortazavi or with a racist who is full of a sense of superiority. I have a homework assignment for you please name five murdered people in the post-election Iran. Can you? I asked the same question of a Zionist in a conference. He was ashamed that he didn’t know even one murdered Palestinian. I bet you don’t know either. Just look at your posts that supposedly is about Iran: you are either making fun of Iranian people or show them hyper-sexual or try to show their cause funny. A slave owner believed black male all they can think of is sex and can NOT stand up to the whites for their rights. Do you see similarities? You once wrote a long post about the false news going around the web about post-election situation in Iran. If Israel invaded Palestinians e.g. in Gaza and was killing Palestinian people would you write the same thing or you would give the Palestinian people your full support like a responsible human being? Don’t you think your posts about a country in which young boys and girls are being killed or raped to death are too much of a bourgeois burps?

  2. southissouth permalink
    August 25, 2009 13:58

    Spamming this blog with comments is unacceptable and I retain my right to unapprove comments, which are all so far automatically approved. Your comment is incomprehensible—to whom are rape and death ‘bourgeois burps’? What are you talking about? If you are upset about superiority why are you giving people ‘homework assignments’? Onward.

  3. September 4, 2009 13:28

    Very well said M. Kh. I guess I know who you are;-) Just stop reading these people. You have done a great job with them. Many of them stopped talking about Iran as a result of your smart efforts hahahaha. Thank God.
    yeah Southi, you are superior when you talk to a racist and HWs are also recommended to give.

  4. Anonymous permalink
    September 5, 2009 15:59

    ‘Many of them stopped talking about Iran as a result of your smart efforts hahahaha.’

    I never thought pseudo-sabotage was funny. Thanks for showing me the light, author who signed as their website.

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