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NAFTA virus

August 11, 2009

piggy‘[T]here is evidence that has been uncovered today that suggests that the massive US-owned hog-raising operations were shifted to Mexico once NAFTA started being implemented in 1994, and big US companies moved their operations to Mexico to make the most of lack of environmental regulations. So this is why, you know, ground zero was located in this area of Veracruz in Perote, where these farms with draconian health conditions and environmental regulations were operating. And this is where the—one of the places where the flu started—started disseminating. So, what we say is that what we need to see is the roots, the roots of the crisis of the flu, of this flu crisis, that is going to intensify in the Northern Hemisphere in the next fall, instead of just looking for only very inefficient solutions.’ (Photo from Grist.)

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