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GoD’s astonishing progress

August 10, 2009

Dubai has turned down an offer to allow filming of the Sex and the City sequel there. At least you can’t fault GoD for inconsistency: they banned the first feature.

Meanwhile, former French spies, bankrupted JP Morgan associates and check-flunking Pepsi-Cola magnates flee from torture and incommunicado detention: ‘Foreigners, lured by what President Obama in a June speech in Cairo hailed as the “astonishing progress” of this autocratic but vibrant Persian Gulf metropolis, account for more than 90 percent of the population, and 99 percent of private-sector workers. But a severe economic slump has reversed the flow. Those who came to Dubai seeking fortunes in property, banking and luxury goodies for the rich now face a less alluring prospect — a prison cell or furtive flight. Only a tiny minority has been picked up by police but, says a longtime foreign resident who runs a company here, “It’s all a bit scary. They are looking for people to carry the can.”‘

Scary indeed. And as U.S. and Israeli propaganda about a nuclear Iran wankers on, ‘Big U.S. companies, including General Electric, Boeing and Microsoft, have their regional headquarters in Dubai, which has around 20,000 American residents. These intimate relations include a deal that will allow the UAE to develop a nuclear-power program with U.S. know-how.’

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