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I Can Haz Purrsian Cheezburger?

July 27, 2009

‘Today […] a journalist has a million sources—anyone with e-mail, a cellphone camera, a blog or a Twitter account is a potential source. The issue now is not finding sources, but figuring out who among the myriad of them is actually providing the right information. By way of example, let’s refer to the recent “man overboard” report on a Washington State Ferry. Within moments, Twitter was alive with real-time reports. All the news reporters had a million sources, including the US Coast Guard which was tweeting events as they happened. But that didn’t mean they were all quality sources: yes, a report was made, helicopters were dispatched, and a search was on. But, there was no man overboard; it was a false alarm. Suddenly, the job of the news reporter changed; no longer was it “where or how can I find someone who will tell me what’s going on aboard the ferry?” Now it was: “of all these people reporting what’s happening on the ferry, who is telling the truth?”’

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