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ICE official: stop wasting my time

July 24, 2009

In Louisiana, that Southern U.S. state that lives in its own special legal/ethical universe, detainees challenged: ‘No somos animales’ (we are not animals). ‘Detainees held a day-long hunger strike to force ICE to intervene and improve conditions in the jail. In response, an ICE official at the jail dismissed the detainees request for a meeting, and castigated the detainees for wasting his time. […] People picked up by ICE disappear from their families without notice.  Their families have no idea where they are, sometimes for weeks or months.  Detainees face severe isolation and are utterly cut off from any communication with their families.  The rural location and lack of translation capacity in the jail severely compound the detainees isolation.’ Anderson Cooper is too obsessed with Iranian jails to even consider reporting about homegrown New Orleans ones. (from Darryl)

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