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GoD’s priorities: airport or Six Flags?

July 24, 2009

Fun fact: despite halting expansion of its airport—you know, those peskily necessary, efficient things—Dubai wouldn’t dream of ‘delaying [its] multi-billion dirham project’ of an Arab Six Flags. For anyone who still believes GoD likes to replicate only successful Anglo-European business models, consider that Six Flags ‘filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection as it struggled with a $2.4 billion debt burden’ in June.

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  1. Alireza permalink
    July 24, 2009 14:21

    Dear Maryam,

    Sorry to leave a comment about a previous post, but I was interested to hear your response. You wrote “But let it not go unsaid how invisible and ignored were the many thousands and millions of Hondurans, Uighurs, Palestinians and others in the meanwhile.”

    Thousands, yes. But “millions?” Where is the evidence that “millions” of “Hondurans, Uighurs, Palestinians” and (for good measure) “others” recently participated in demonstrations? And this from someone who purports to care so deeply about precision in reporting the number of demonstrators? (BTW, Robert Fisk–whom you yourself link to–wrote that “a million” marched from Meydan-e Enqelab to Meydan-e Azadi. And yes, I know “a million” is NOT “three million”).

    A response free of diversions and cant would be deeply appreciated (i.e. where is your evidence)?


  2. southissouth permalink
    July 24, 2009 15:26

    I think you are responding to the ‘Tweets, lies and videotape’ post. First about numbers: I included the 1.8 million people of Gaza, whose efforts at not completely perishing under a devastating blockade (referred to as ‘diet’ by Israel) and regular air/sniper attacks go unnoticed in the dominant North American press. They are invisible people. (I have not mentioned the sum total of daily civil disobedience in the West Bank villages such as Bil’in. Their cumulative numbers/actions are widely available but also ignored by the dominant press.)

    So far, at least 156 Uighur protesters (who are by and large called ‘rioters,’ not dignified of the protester name) have been killed, and China like Iran downplays the number of them (in this case hundreds and perhaps thousands—400 are in detention) protesting. They were also invisible from the dominant news in March when 1,000 Uighur women in headscarves were attacked while marching (

    Honduras has a population of 7 million, and nearly every poll I’ve seen (from across the political spectrum) shows a large majority favoring Zelaya, and protesting daily. Eva Golinger today: ‘Thousands of his supporters and protesters against the coup have been traveling all across Honduras since Wednesday to meet him at the border crossing’ (

    Gazans don’t really count as ‘citizens’ of a state, but both Uighur and Honduran protesters face curfew as well—never imposed in Iran—with Honduras’ curfew beginning at 12 PM/noon starting today. Arguably that makes the possibility of ‘non-violent’ civil disobedience (in the sense of not breaking curfew/risking arrest) extremely difficult, and yet the numbers have been steady.

  3. Alireza permalink
    July 24, 2009 16:26

    You state: “I included the 1.8 million people of Gaza”. Since you are merely stating that 1.8 million people live in Gaza, one could also respond that 70 million people live in Iran, and they too have been “invisible and ignored…in the meanwhile”. Do you really buy that argument?

    The demonstrations in Bil’in are far smaller in number and death toll than those in Iran (of course, that does NOT undermine the justice of those protests nor the brutality of the Israeli response).

    According to multiple accounts I’ve read in Western newspapers (e.g. The Guardian), most of the people killed in Xinjiang were Han Chinese who died at the hands of Uighurs in intercommunal violence. Of course, this could very well be a lie put out by the Chinese government, but I haven’t seen any evidence that contradicts that picture. And again, that does NOT justify the violence there or the brutality of the Chinese regime.

    I’m sympathetic to the Hondurans protesting against the coup there. But again, you provide no evidence that demonstrations involving “millions” have taken place. Moreover, the death toll there (as far as I know) has also been much lower than that in Iran.

    It is true that in Iran no official curfew has been imposed, but surely you’re not downplaying the use of violence and intimidation by the IRI (and especially its murderous Khamenei-IRGC clique) in attempting to end the protests?

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