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‘Irrelevant’ Lieberman will neutralize Iran

July 22, 2009

Avigdor ‘We Can’t Live Together in the Same Apartment’ Lieberman is considered too unimportant to be reviled even by center and right-wing governments from the U.S. to Russia to France. Here he is cracking a foreign policy joke: ‘[He] told a joke to Israeli diplomats being sent abroad – it sheds light on his idea of diplomacy. “A tourist went to the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo and saw a lamb and a wolf together in a cage,” Lieberman said. “He asked the zoo keeper, ‘How do you get a lamb and a wolf to live together peacefully?’ The zoo keeper responded: ‘We put a new lamb in the cage every morning.'”‘

At least some people still retain enough moral intelligence to call a spade a spade. ‘”Lieberman is a racist and a fascist,” Valter Pomar, secretary of international relations for the [Brazilian] Workers Party (PT), told Haaretz. “The Brazilian left is organizing protests against him and against the policy he represents.”‘

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