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Meanwhile, in Gaza…

July 19, 2009

‘Israeli forces shot and injured a Palestinian man near the border wall in the northern Gaza Strip on Sunday evening, according to Israeli news reports.’

And how did the Israeli news report on the shooting?

Jerusalem Post reported on the ‘suspicious’ man’s injuries: ‘moderately wounded.’

YNet reported that the unarmed man ‘suffered serious abdominal wounds and was rushed to the Soroka University Medical Center in Beersheba.’ Then they helpfully offer this justification: ‘Palestinian gunmen often approach the security fence in order to place explosive devices along its route. IDF forces stationed in the area are tasked with preventing such incidents.’ Of course, all men in Gaza are potential ‘gunmen,’ including farmers (shot ‘near the Green Line’) and shepherds (shot ‘as he approached the fence’), and also female and septuagenarian farmers (shot in the lower limbs).

The operating procedure, despite Operation Cast Lead soldiers’ ‘new’ testimony this week, has never really changed. Shoot first, work the PR machine later.



The nameless boy has died of his wounds. ‘A Palestinian teenager shot by Israeli fire on Sunday night was dead by Monday afternoon, according to the country’s military. The unidentified 15-year-old boy was taken to Soroka University Medical Center in the city of Beersheba late on Sunday in critical condition after having received chest injuries, and that he died of his wounds overnight.’

Let’s read that again: chest injuries. Not foot or leg or ‘lower limb.’ An unarmed teenager was shot directly in the chest. He was wearing a jacket in the summer, he was standing too close to the (illegal) barrier, he was trying to escape, etc. so according to the Israeli military he deserved what he got.

This is Free Gaza’s Huwaida Arraf on the young people of Gaza: ‘Students I met on a recent successful voyage to Gaza certainly did not want to wait to be slowly suffocated and drained of their dreams. So desperate were they to escape their confinement in Gaza to obtain higher education abroad that they asked us to drop them in international waters and they would swim the rest of the way to Cyprus. This was youthful madness, but indicative of how trapped people in Gaza are today.’

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