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Tectonic language from the stateless nation

July 17, 2009

Alessandro Petti from the Decolonizing Architecture project: ‘The reality is that only an elite of people, an elite of people conceptualizing and holding this discourse in a deadlock, describes the city and contemporary space as free and fluid space, all this rhetoric of borderless. After 911 everybody woke up and these systems collapsed. […] The idea that the body and the state nationality are disappearing was counterbalanced by the discovery that it is not like that. From there on we really started to research the contemporary understanding of everyday life, mine included. What does it mean to cross the border with Sandi when I can go to certain gates and she can not. My everyday life is completely different from some literature. I started the PhD in Venice and after my first year I moved back here. There was an interesting reaction on the first draft for my book, with the edit of one sentence, which describes this move. I wrote I come back in Palestine, and the editor wanted to correct into I went to Palestine. My presence here has changed totally my discourse, theory on cities.’ (from Nahrain; photo of Beit Sahour from Moving Cities.)

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