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U.S. aid for GoD: spyware

July 15, 2009

‘A Blackberry update that a United Arab Emirates service provider pushed out to its customers contains U.S.-made spyware that would allow the company or others to siphon and read their e-mail and text messages, according to a researcher who examined it. The update was billed as a “performance enhancement patch” by the UAE-based phone and internet service provider Etisalat, which issued the patch for its 100,000 subscribers.’ Etisalat: the state-sponsored mega-corporation (who hands over 50% of its profits to the state) that complained about ‘pornographic uses’ of Skype, leading to GoD banning Skype in 2006. Predicted jubilations: increased both Etisalat and GoD’s profits. (from Seth Y.)

[Related] European corporations turn Iran government into super-spy

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  1. July 15, 2009 23:04

    this will “warm” your heart.

    some folks were understandably upset by this:, on which harry lewis commented with:, and today he’s added:…/


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