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Biden: deep thoughts

July 9, 2009

Vice President Joe Biden‘In an interview with Stephanopoulos, Biden said that the US has “a right” to use military force against Iran, and that “we will determine what’s in our interests,” while also saying that Iranian leadership should choose a different course than to develop nuclear weapons. He further said that Israel had the right as a “sovereign nation” to initiate military action against Iran if “they’re existentially threatened.” Biden’s statements are generally seen by GOP strategists as positive, in that they validate the need for a strong US defense as a means of protecting US interests abroad.’

In the next 3.5 years, expect Obama and Biden/Hillary to play Good Cop/Bad Cop, with Good Cop marginally demonstrating a sensitivity to non-U.S. passport holders, and Bad Cop acting as a proxy, nearly indistinguishable Republican.

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