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Out, damn’d spot, I say!

July 8, 2009

Honduras Coup

Faux news: Right-wing mouthpiece La Prensa has doctored the blood dripping from the body of 19-year old Isis Obed Murillo, killed on Sunday by the military thugs as he was running from their snipers among the people (link in Spanish).

‘La Prensa, and other dailies like it—its sister paper El Heraldo, and La Tribuna among them—aren’t really newspapers. They’re information laundromats on permanent spin cycle, bleaching their reports about this bloodshot regime to make it seem democratic and legitimate. In this case, it takes two pictures—the one they publish, next to the one they do not—to tell a thousand words.’

Like Lady Macbeth’s murderous and condemned hands, all the airbrushing in the world won’t save them. ‘Here’s the smell of blood still / All the perfumes of Arabia will not sweeten this little hand’ (Act V, Scene i).

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