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Javier Solana: cheerleader of empire

July 8, 2009

‘His departure will be marked by an orgy of backslapping as dignitaries queue up to praise him for turning the EU into a serious player in international diplomacy. With his avuncular air and his unerring ability to make people feel sorry for him (God knows how many times I’ve heard remarks about how tired he looks), the Spaniard has brilliantly camouflaged his true record as a warmonger. “Make no enemies and never ask a question to which you do not know or like the answer.” That is how Solana has summarised his approach to diplomacy. “Make no enemies” is another way of saying “have no principles,” if the destructive agenda he has followed is anything to go by. Can someone tell me the Spanish for good riddance?’

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  1. sunbula permalink
    July 9, 2009 10:04

    for arabic, i know they say in syria
    درب اللي سدّ ما يردّ

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