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European corporations turn Iran government into super-spy

June 22, 2009

Telecommunications giants Nokia Corp. and Siemens AG formed a joint venture that outfitted the Iranian government with accelerated ‘monitoring capability.’ The Wall Street Journal reported that deep packet inspection (DPI), which creates, inspects and reconstructs data packets out of online emails and messages, is now ‘done for the entire country at a single choke point.’ Since mid-2008 the European companies have been helping Iran construct its enhanced ‘monitoring center.’ Rather than a total block on electronic information into and out of Iran, the government is likely utilizing the technology to screen the internet for activists after it has bullied them off the street.

Don’t count on European leaders, who have ‘expressed rising anger at Tehran’s crackdown,’ to condemn the companies anytime soon. (Besides, Sarkozy is too preoccupied with warning French society against burkas.)

Perhaps the German and Finland-based corporations were taking a page out of the practices of Motorola, which has been steadily supplying the Israeli military with ‘Wide Area Surveillance System (WASS) and other high-tech configurations of radar devices and thermal cameras,’ ‘sales of bomb fuses, communication devices, and surveillance equipment,’ in addition to ‘radar systems for enhancing security at illegal West Bank settlements‘ (i.e. colonies). Sales were long-standing even as the U.S. military and Congress said they wanted cluster bombs banned. (After intense public pressure, especially the ‘Hang Up on Motorola’ campaign that embarrassed the company, Motorola sold its bomb fuse unit.)

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  1. southissouth permalink
    June 29, 2009 18:20

    And I thought taking off my sandals at the airport was annoying.

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