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Protests and proxies

June 15, 2009

The latest from Tehran from Alireza Doostdar, in transcript form from Skype, 1:04 PM to 1:35 PM (GMT-3):

khamenei met with mousavi last night

and has asked him to pursue this with guardian council thru legal channels

so today

well get this

mousavi asked for interior minister permit for a protest today

inqilab to azadi

then he said:

i’m gonna go anyway,

and people can join me

then the ministry refused a permit

so mid-day


mousavi says: “forget it protest is off”

“but since it’s too late…”

“we’re gonna go there to invite ppl to peace”

and he went and spoke to a crowd of (according to bbc) hundreds of thousands

and khatami and karbaschi and karrubi are there too

and it hasn’t turned violent yet. but we’ll have to see.

internet sucks ASS

cause they’ve slowed it down to a crawl.

meantime iroonis are launching denial of service attacks on right-wing and gov websites

guardians are meeting with the 3 candidates tomorrow.

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