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Liberal candidates you like and don’t like

June 15, 2009

Remember when former Iranian president Khatami visited several U.S. universities? At Harvard, Massachusetts Governor W. Mitt Romney ‘ordered all state agencies to refuse requests to provide security for the Muslim cleric.’

Here’s what other freedom-loving people had to say:

Rick Santorum (R-Pa): ‘propagandist…spreading his boldface untruths. No college or university should have allowed him to speak.’

Ileana Ros-Lehtinen (R.-Fla): ‘affront to all freedom loving people at Harvard and in the U.S.’

Martin Peretz, Harvard lecturer: ‘a front for a despicable dictatorial regime’ (then he called the Kennedy Forum where Khatami was invited to speak ‘bullshit’)

Think it’s just the U.S. Republicans that felt that way? A lot of the same Iranians who boycotted and protested Khatami as an ‘arm’ of the Islamic Republic are the same ones who are now die-hard Mousavi supporters and claiming election fraud.

The Islamic Republic is legitimate by U.S. politicians and pundits and corporate media (and out-of-touch Iranians) when convenient. And when it does not criticize Israel as an ‘illegal state’ as Khatami did.

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