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Cheetos and cheeseburgers compete in Iran

June 11, 2009

‘The Ahmadinejad camp’s slogans against Mousavi are less venomous. Many capitalise on the candidate’s less-than-eloquent use of the word “cheez” [thing] to fill gaps in his sentences when he fails to find a better word. “Cheez, cheez cheeseburger!” yell some campaigners. Or “Ma dowlat-e cheeseburgeri nemikhaym!” [We don’t want a cheeseburger government!], with the western fast-food serving as a stand-in for the perceived elitism of Mousavi’s campaign. Mousavi supporters retort loudly with “Cheez behtar az cheetozeh” [cheese is better than Cheetos], a reference to an Iranian brand of potato chips with a cartoon monkey as its mascot – a not-so-subtle jab at Ahmadinejad.’

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