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Misery captivates

June 4, 2009

‘Susan Boyle is to “BGT” what the kids of “Slumdog Millionaire” are to director Danny Boyle. In both cases, a machine bigger than any one person got these unknowns into the mess that comes with worldwide fame. Wouldn’t it seem wrong for Cowell (or Danny Boyle) to stand by as the dreams of the performers they discovered were beaten to a pulp and left on the side of the road to die?’ CNN International (which I seldom watch but is the only non-Brazilian news on tv) has been showing footage of the demolished homes of the two child stars of Slumdog. The children are in worse shape than they were before the movie used them to make serious sales worldwide. The book on which the film was based is Indian, the child actors are Indian, and yet the Anglo-British production walked away with $353 million and is planning a second movie based on the book Maximum City. Who are they going to crush next?

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