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R.I.P. Augusto Boal, 1931-2009

May 12, 2009

DEMOCRACY NOW: What does the United States look like from the south, when you look up to the United States?

AUGUSTO BOAL: I think that from the south, from the north, west and the east, and from up, if we look at the United States, we see a country that is doing what they want. And not a country—we see a group of people or corporations that decide what they want to do. And they don’t respect anything. […]

They invaded Iraq. Now, more than half-a-million people, Iraqis, were killed, not by United States only, but also among themselves. […]

And we cannot appreciate that type of government. I have so many friends here in the United States. I love those friends, and I love many things here. But I cannot accept a government that does what they want and they don’t care absolutely for the public opinion or for the opinion of other countries. They do what is in their interest.

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