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Dominion republic

April 27, 2009

The Dominican Republic is imposing a total ban on abortions, legally allying them with the death penalty and declaring them unconstitutional. Latin American countries with few exceptions already have strict control over women´s bodies. The Brazilian state is marginally more distant from the Catholic Church but abortion is very much illegal here in the world´s largest Catholic country. The grandmother of a nine year-old girl raped by her stepfather and pregnant with twins was excommunicated for seeking an abortion for her. The Vatican excoriated the entire family (notably, all the women) except for the child´s rapist, spitting that rape was more forgiveable than abortion. By some magical power that verbal diarrhea doesn´t consistenly get put down for the religious fundamentalism and informal theocracy that it is, the way Muslim countries are routinely labeled wholesale (the Islamic Republic of Iran regulates who can have abortions but many clerics define conception as after 40 days of implantation in the uterus). The Vatican: leading women to the back alley since…

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