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Keeping U.S. safe from Mexicans & other scares

April 21, 2009


Obama made an official state visit to Mexico with new goals and targets and demands to shoring up the scary border against scary drugs, rough cash and ammo. So, OK, what if one looks at this situation through the eyes of a hypothetical Mexican? It´s terribly annoying to have a grumpy, clinically insane* upstairs neighbor, who having previously usurped your property, comes to visit once every 12 years. He’s huffy you supply his drug habit and vows he’s going to keep his hallway safe with his Violent Criminal Aliens Teams. He´s armed with lots of (borrowed) cash that he´s going to use to beef up his fences with you, and he demands you employ thousands to help patrol this fence of his with lots of scary, acronym-filled patrol titles.

You could also look at the situation through the eyes of a hypothetical black U.S. citizen (´black´ because everybody knows white people in Mendocino County don´t get illegally stopped, stripped and searched for drugs).  Unlike parts of Western Europe, the U.S. still sees drug consumption as a criminal act rather than a matter of public health. While the Obama administration´s stated goal of ´integrating substance abuse services into national healthcare systems with early screening, diagnosis and intervention as regular preventative medicine´ is lofty, there´s been no talk whatsoever of decriminalizing drugs (just the opposite, since Obama laughed off the idea) nor creating a single-payer healthcare system even though 66% (sixty-six percent) of the U.S. public prefers it. So here´s to guessing that the population most likely to be ´randomly´ searched for drugs and incarcerated for non-violent drug use isn´t scared of Mexicans but probably his own government. 

* If one sticks to the textbook definition of insanity as repeatedly performing the same task while expecting a different outcome, re: US policy on drug use as crime.

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