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Sound the horns: an Afghan woman speaks

April 12, 2009

‘Qudsia Zohab works at the national museum and is studying literature at Kabul University. She says of the Taliban era: “It was the black period of Afghanistan. It was a jail. I particularly remember the burka – it was heavy and suffocating. Wearing it makes you feel ashamed. One of our relatives didn’t wear the burka – she was beaten so badly [by the Taliban] on the spine that two days later she died. Many women wear burkas because they are still under the control of their husbands. Of course, some are happy to wear them because they don’t have to think about what to wear. When my aunt is feeling unattractive in shabby clothes and no make-up, she wears her burka. I love working at the museum. In Taliban times I could not work, but now I am happy: I can study, work, travel and earn money. I feel independent.”‘

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