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Upgrade U City

April 7, 2009


This videotaped lecture by Argentine architect Jorge Mario Jáuregui is worth watching. He and his associates initiated the Favela-Bairro Project in Rio, a ‘slum to neighborhood’ project funded to the tune of US$180 million by the Inter-American Development Bank. Jauregui’s plan calls for integration of the city’s favelas (where more than 1 million of Rio’s 6 million population live) rather than its segregation. In contrast to the ‘marvelous city’ moniker used to attract tourists, he levels that ‘broken city’ and ‘urgent city’ would a more apt description. He does not negate urbanity, but instead advocates an inclusive urbanity accessible to all citizens, whose ‘heterogeneous logics stitch[es] the city without flattening it in homogeneity.’

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