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Five inquiries on the worth of an Afghan woman

April 5, 2009

1. Is it worth remembering when Laura Bush visited Afghanistan in 2005 to put ‘a female-friendly face on an unpopular pro-corporate agenda‘?

2. Is it worth considering the coincidence between the deployment of 5,000 NATO troops to Afghanistan (bombed, occupied, abandoned, repeat) and the so-called Afghan rape law which legalizes atomizing women to the lowest common life form?

2. Are Obama’s stated goals of ‘rooting out al-Qaeda’ and encouraging ‘respect of human rights [and] respect for women and respect for their freedom and integrity’ incompatible

3. Do Afghan women have the condition of possibility to be represented as anything other than: victims of the US ‘war on terror,’ victims of fundamentalist Afghan men, victims of their own desperation

4. Is the Iranian government rejoicing over the similarities between the so-called Afghan rape law that also ‘gives men preferential inheritance rights, easier access to divorce, and priority in court‘ and its own policies? 

5. Why does the US actively support a government that has been called ‘worse than the Taliban‘?

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