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It’s a sick, sick world

April 2, 2009

band-aidThe ‘Global South’ isn’t as panicked by global financial disaster as everybody else, thanks to long-standing experience at the target end of crap IMF policies. So maybe the terrified North could learn something about cutting ‘social protection policies.’ Sara Wolcott from says that when it comes to health care during economic meltdown, developing countries are the ones to retain public services:

When governments are able to put in strong social protection policies, this eases the pain of the crises (especially for poor people) and helps lead to a faster recovery. 

She quantifies human suffering outside of mathematical calculations, which I have seen few observers do:

‘Suffering’ often can be translated into children dropping out of school, women are forced into the informal labor sector (read: prostitution), children are malnourished (which has devastating long term health impacts), babies die, etc.’   

In other words, you can’t treat the whole sick corpse with a Band-Aid.

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